The smile maker

The smile maker

Orthodontics is still the best way to give you the smile you have always wanted.

In our practice, we have a visiting orthodontist who consults with our patients. We cater for all age groups—both children and adults who need orthodontic treatment.

The consult appointment with the orthodontist is the first step. He gives our patients a thorough examination and carefully explains everything with them. All the treatment options are discussed so they can decide which option they would prefer to take.

These options partly depend on the cost and how long the procedure takes. Patients have to decide on the right timing as the appliance may need to be worn for an extended period. Sometimes big events, such as marriages or important presentations, can cause people to delay the start of their treatment.

When children need orthodontics, it’s essential to start at the right age. Often, if they get the treatment done earlier, it will work better and actually save money in the long term. When children are still growing, the bone is not too dense, so moving the teeth is easier. If milk teeth are still present, rearranging or taking out some of these teeth leaves space for adult teeth to come through.

And this is how it saves parents money. It means you don’t need expensive braces and orthodontic procedures later on down the track. That’s why we recommend having an orthodontic consult as soon as a child’s permanent teeth come through.

For adult patients, an orthodontic treatment depends on the bone density along with some other factors. Treatment may take longer and can be a little more expensive compared to children. Fortunately, there’s still a way to undertake rapid orthodontic treatment, which may take as little as six months. Each case must be assessed on its own merit to ensure the best result is achieved. That’s why it’s essential to have a thorough consultation—including accurate X-rays—before starting the orthodontic treatment.

These days, many dentists and orthodontists offer Invisalign—a clear, invisible appliance on the teeth. There’s no need to have big braces and brackets anymore. Case selection is very important, and the treatment lasts for between nine months and two years.

It takes a bit of time to get used to orthodontic appliances, whether they are traditional braces or Invisalign. There are different types of braces, each with a different look. In some cases, they can be fitted to the back of the teeth and are undetectable when the patient talks or smiles.

The good news is that after going through the procedure, patients soon accept their new look. Braces can take a little time to get used to but, of course, the pay-off at the end makes it all worthwhile. Invisalign is a bit different as there’s not much change in the appearance of the teeth—something is covering the teeth, but it’s completely clear and invisible.

Perhaps one of the most satisfying moments for the dentist, orthodontist and patient is when the appliance is finally removed. The patient has beautiful, straight teeth and the response is universally positive. The confidence of these patients increases and their self-esteem goes through the roof!

We also provide a maintenance and cleaning program to look after their new smile. It’s very satisfying to see our patients so happy and thrilled with the results.

Orthodontics can have a real impact on people. It changes their lives.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your orthodontic needs, we warmly invite you to contact our friendly reception staff.

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