National Dental Foundation Rescue Day

National Dental Foundation Rescue Day

Dental Volunteer daysDr Reza Issapour happily spends his time assisting with the National Dental Foundation.

The Rescue Day is a great way for Dr Reza to give back to the community and volunteer his time to help people in need of dental treatment.

Dr Reza’s happy and vibrant personality eases patients’ nerves as it can be an uncomfortable feeling coming to the dentist.

Dr Reza Issapour
Chris & Dr Reza Issapour

On Friday 9th October & 16th October we had four wonderful patients come through our practice for much needed dental treatment. Dr Reza preformed treatment such as complete examination, taking photos and X-rays, root canal therapy and fillings.

Our Friendly patients were happy to share their story and photos with you to promote this wonderful cause.

Chris is a hard working local who spend a lot of his time between jobs as a busy shift worker. He is in need of partial plates and Dr Reza helped him on the way by cleaning, fixing and extracting teeth over the past 6 months. We wish Chris all the best with his ongoing dental treatment

Robert is a lovely man who enjoys singing and plays guitar. He is a musician/performer and loves to play 60’s pop music. Rob teacher’s music and he enjoys seeing classic old bands from time to time.

Dr Reza Issapour2
Robert & Dr Reza Issapour

Today Dr Reza fixed all Rob’s upper front teeth and completed a deep clean, fillings and a splint.

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