Dental Implants – hype or have to have?

Dental Implants – hype or have to have?

There has been a lot of hype about dental implants and the way they can restore the beauty and functionality of teeth in a way that looks and feels natural. Here are some facts about dental implants and why they are a ‘must have’ dental accessory for those who want to restore their smiles.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are metal posts which are surgically secured into the jawbone under the gum. The implants fuse to the jawbone and provide a solid foundation for artificial teeth. They are a state-of-the-art way to replace missing teeth and offer more stability than traditional bridgework because they do not rely on support from surrounding teeth.

More than just cosmetic benefits

There are several reasons why implants offer more than just cosmetic benefits.

Because they are fused withthe jawbone, implants provide stability for chewing and eating. They feel natural and act just like your real teeth. With implants there is no risk of your replacement teeth slipping when you speak or chew, unlike with other dental solutions for missing teeth, such as dentures. There are also few restrictions on what you can and can’t eat with dental implants.

Implants offer another important benefit that can’t be overlooked. They stimulate the bone in the jaw, encouraging it to remain strong and firm. When a tooth is missing, the bone can lose mass and deteriorate, leading to a sunken appearance. Individual implants, typically made from titanium, keep the bone strong and healthy to support all of your teeth, not just the implants themselves.

For those people looking for a more permanent solution to tooth loss, dental implants are a practical option. Once in place, they not only allow you to carry on with normal chewing and speaking, but they also work to keep the bone mass strong for years afterward.

Dental implants aren’t just a lot of hype. They are a healthy option that can help you keep your smile in great shape for as long as possible, making them worthy of their great reputation.

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