Cosmetic Dentistry – Changing lives, smile by smile

Cosmetic Dentistry – Changing lives, smile by smile

Cosmetic dentistry is an immensely satisfying field in which to work as it makes a clear and noticeable difference to patients’ lives

Dr Mahkam Ghanbari, Gumdale Practice

In our practice we offer cosmetic dentistry based on need and individual cases and situations. Sometimes it involves orthodontic treatment. Sometimes it involves a veneer, or whitening. Whichever way it goes, the work done by a cosmetic dentist, which usually involves changing the shape or appearance of the front teeth, can be enormously satisfying.

Many people actually request an improvement in the appearance of their teeth. It is usually around giving them a better smile and, as a result, greater self-confidence. The appearance of your smile is a very important thing. It can have a serious impact on how people actually face the world. It can affect their work life and their personal life. It can change their entire outlook.

Patients become very excited about the treatment once they learn about what is possible. They get excited about the potential results, and they are often amazed at the range of options, at exactly what we are able to do thanks to technology.

A typical cosmetic dentistry consultation would see us running through the different options and showing images that give a good idea of the potential results. People can choose what they would like, particularly in terms of shades of whites, and shapes.

Veneers are one of the most popular choices. Using veneers we can change the shape and colour of the front teeth. A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain material that covers the tooth. So if the tooth is discoloured or the enamel of the tooth is damaged for some reason, a veneer is a very good solution. And it is not just cosmetic, it actually protects the enamel of the tooth while it also offers improvements to colour and shape.

Another popular choice is orthodontic treatments, which is about re-aligning the existing teeth, rather than putting veneers over them. Other options include dental bridges for missing front teeth, and the re-shaping of existing teeth.

All of the options available to a specific person should be laid out by a person’s cosmetic dentist during their original consultation. Some people will have several options available and others not so many. But it is rare that we are unable to do anything.

As I said, a person’s smile, and their own perception of their smile, is extremely important. A person that is not confident about their smile, often as a result of the condition of their teeth, will likely smile less. This will affect the way people respond to them which, in turn, can have a negative influence on their own self-image. The turnaround that a cosmetic dentist is able to achieve for a person can sometimes seem miraculous. It can actually change a patient’s personality. Their uplift in confidence is immediately evident.

Ten years ago our options were restricted, but today’s technology is so advanced that there are various routes we can take. And these options can be customised to the specific needs of each patient in terms of physical and biological requirements, time factors and budget.

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