Benefits of Dental Veneers: Change Your Life With Cosmetic Dentistry


When you meet someone for the first time, what is the first thing you notice? Some people would say the eyes, while others say it is the smile. Whether you are in the dating scene, meeting new friends at a new school, or applying for a job, you want to leave a good first impression. And there is no better way to impress than to have a beautiful set of pearly whites. If your natural set of teeth is less than perfect, orthodontists Gumdale has today can help you out. Today’s technology has advanced to a point wherein you no longer have to deal with imperfect set of teeth. You can take control over your life and get the teeth of your dreams.

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An orthodontist is different from a dentist since they have undergone special training after completing their dentistry degree. They specialize in correcting malpositioned teeth and jaws. If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, simply visit an orthodontist in your area to have the problem fixed. Orthodontics is a branch of cosmetic dentistry; the reason for this is obvious – the main goal of undergoing this dental procedure is to conceal any imperfections on your teeth. But the benefits of getting dental veneer or crown have evolved tremendously. It has created a huge (mostly positive) impact on an individual’s personal and professional life. If you have crooked or less-than-perfect set of teeth, you need to give much thought into this dental procedure.


Cosmetic Dentistry: When to Go For Dental Veneers


Before you get a crown or dental veneer, orthodontists Gumdale has today will perform a diagnosis. Your dentist will also require a dental X-ray. The purpose of the X-ray is to determine the extent of damage on your teeth and if any of the nerve tissues surrounding your teeth are damaged. If it is damaged, a root canal therapy might be required before your teeth are covered with veneers.


Who are the candidates for a dental veneer? Below are some dental conditions wherein a veneer is recommended by orthodontists Gumdale has available:


  • if you have severely stained teeth. There are teeth whitening products that you can use but extreme discoloration resulting from decays or old fillings do not respond to such treatments. In this case, veneers are recommended instead.
  • if there are cosmetic perfections on your teeth. If your teeth is crooked, mis-shaped or have chips on them, you will need veneers to conceal those imperfections and make them look perfect.
  • if you have gaps between your teeth. Gaps can form between your teeth due to their alignment or shape of individual tooth. You can have veneers attached by orthodontists Gumdale has in order to correct those gaps and make your teeth look uniform.
  • if your tooth enamel show signs of erosion. This can happen naturally as a result of wear and tear or exposure to whitening treatments. Dental veneers can protect your teeth enamel from further erosion.


If you have checked any one of the items on the list, then you should seriously consider getting a dental veneer. A smile worth showing off will give your confidence a boost. A dental veneer can definitely change your life. To find out how and why, you can find out more about these below.


Boost Your Appearance


Your teeth and smile are crucial components to your physical appearance. It is one of the reasons why people spend thousands of dollars on teeth whitening products! In the US alone, over $1.4 billion are spent on over the counter teeth whitening products. That is a staggering statistic given that it is just one type of product belonging to this industry. You could only imagine how much more people are spending on dental procedures and other dental care products.


This is an important point to consider about the value that people give about their physical appearance. Whether you agree with this point or not, it is undeniable that how you look can have impact on how you feel about yourself. This is evidenced by the fact that cosmetic surgery and dentistry services are highly sought after. Cosmetic dental treatments are not just available to celebrities and millionaires. Anyone who desires to improve the appearance of their teeth can have dental surgery and implants done. In fact, this is how professionals in the cosmetics dentistry industry make their money from.


A natural tooth (or teeth) can have gaps in between or crooked in shape. These are problems that teeth whitening alone could not fix. Only orthodontists Gumdale can offer has the solution: dental veneers. All veneers are carefully molded to match the adjacent teeth in terms of size and color; hence, it will blend in naturally. Getting a veneer is therefore like a major makeover for your teeth. Aside from the improved functionality, you can also expect an enhanced aesthetic appeal.


Boost Your Confidence


Do you feel insecure about your teeth? If yes, then you might find yourself smiling less or holding back your smile in order to conceal those imperfections on your teeth. The image of celebrities on magazines and on the internet does not help your confidence either. They always look perfect with their equally perfect set of pearly whites. Their teeth make them look flawless!


But what if you knew that not all of them were born with such flawless smiles? Most of these celebrities rely on their dentists and orthodontists to get that smile to look perfect for the camera! If this does not give you a confidence boost, then you need to know that a visit to orthodontists Gumdale has today can get you that picture perfect smile, too.

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Potential Career Benefits


Admit it or not, physical appearance can have an impact on your potential for career success. The way you project yourself can create a corresponding impression on your employer. While your experience and skills should be the primary consideration for accepting you for the job or giving you a promotion, it cannot be denied that a great smile and personality can make a difference. It reflects your confidence in yourself and your abilities.


If you are being interviewed for a job, a smile shows confidence. It also shows your go-getting attitude, which your future boss will value you for. A great smile and attitude do not guarantee anything. What it does is make you stand out from other applicants and your future boss will surely remember you for it.


Improve Social Life


As mentioned earlier, getting a new set of dental veneer can improve your smile and enhance your self-esteem. When you have these two components working together, you can expect your social life to see some improvements too. Since you are no longer socially conscious about the appearance of your teeth, you are more confident to put yourself out there and meet new people. You tend to be more outgoing because there is nothing about your physical appearance that holds you back. This is where cosmetic dentistry holds its true power and benefits – the ability to change people’s lives and make them less awkward in social situations.


Boost Oral Health


When you consider undergoing dental veneer from orthodontists Gumdale has to offer, your primary motivator might be cosmetic in nature. As mentioned above, it can improve the way you look and make you feel more confident about your smile. When your teeth looks perfect and you look good, you are more confident to face the world.


But it is important to not overlook the important health benefits that dental veneers can offer. Cosmetic dentistry can enhance your smile but it can also protect your teeth from more damage if you undergo this procedure. The knowledge on oral health care is limited among most people. Hence, many do not realize the extent of damage that any existing dental problem is causing their entire oral health.


Common dental problems such as crooked teeth, missing teeth or tooth decay should not be taken lightly. It can cause a lot of detrimental effects to your overall oral health.  Therefore, you should have your teeth constantly checked for any problems in order for them to be addressed immediately. Oral health is more than just about your teeth though; your gums are also an important component of your oral health!


The decision on whether to get a crown or dental veneer is up to a professional dentist. Choose only certified orthodontists Gumdale has today to ensure that you can get the treatment you need to protect your teeth more further damage!




The cost of getting dental veneers from orthodontists Gumdale has to offer is not inexpensive. The cost of training and study that the orthodontist had to go through to gain that expertise, plus the dental equipment used can add up to the cost. In addition, some orthodontists perform dental veneer implants in-house making it easier for you, or other customers who wish to get the dental procedure done. It will also be more affordable since you are paying for everything in-house rather than incur additional cost by using other’s facilities.

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The cost of getting dental veneers might cause some people to think twice on this dental procedure. However, you cannot put a price on the amount of self-confidence that you can get from your new set of teeth. Do not be ashamed to ask your dentist about how you can achieve your best smile!

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